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iPhone 6 Reviews, Price, Release Date – Auto Recharge With Solar Power System

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Apple lover egger to know about, what is in iPhone 6? Features, Design, iPhone 6 reviews and Price specification. Apple mobile iPhone 6 recover its new design with slim peace and light as compare to old iPhone versions.

Body look with slim design of iphone 6
Body look with slim design of iphone 6

Some of the news updates like public review, auto recharge, release date, Price, and specifications are discussed in below one by one.

iPhone 6: released date

As of officially apple declared release date of iPhone 6 in 2014 but there will be not any declaration of in which month iPhone 6 will be launch for public use. Now you can use iPhone 6 in March or September. Because previously released iPhone might be declared in at the end of the time with pulse or minus time in releasing date.

iPhone 6: Camera and iOS 8

Storage Capacity: 128 GB
Camera resolution: 13 MP
People home that iPhone 6 comes with apple’s re updated IOS 7 to IOS 8(it will be next IOS operating system).

iPhone 6: Auto recharge Battery with solar sapphire screen system

solar-charging coated screen- with iPhone 6
solar-charging coated screen- with iPhone 6

You can see in below image, first time use of Solar sapphire screen on mobile iPhone 6. There will be lot of energy saving system. and it must increases battery life.

iPhone 6: Design

Iphone 6 comes with 4.7 inch screen size. It so bigger as compare to old one. It will be closely equal to the 5.7 inch iPhone and iPad hybrid.

iPhone 6: Price

iPhone 6 price around $550. It might be pulse and minus on small margin.
You can see iPhone 6 video tutorial for first time preview

Camera look and Design

iPhone 6 with amazing curve design screen,

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