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How To Increase Website Or Blog Traffic, Performance, Status Through The Google Webmaster Tools?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Friends, this article is sharing Google webmaster Tools experience on website or blog. Some of the points you might be know but some awesome new features and technology innovation in google webmaster tools. Google webmaster tools appreciate works sing 15+ years ago and it going toward up in the current period reason behind its publicity make useful for all personal use and small to big business in world wide. For that google can’t aspect from you to use this free tool to check your websites of blog status for all time in future.
Google webmaster tools also known as Website tracker or Website status. A Google webmaster tool is most useful for website admin and SEO expert to check the current status in 24 by 7 in a month and years.

Google webmaster basic Tools for your blog and website
Google webmaster basic Tools for your blog and website

Google webmaster is also professional submission your website and blog to google search engine to put together more crowd in your website and blog for all time.

You can also add more than one website URL at a time.

To submit your website in google from Submit My website to google.

This article is also point to other best most effective tools and functionality in google webmaster tools in free by google.

Website tracking page See the added website and Add new one click here

A Google webmaster tool doesn’t helps to find your website stats but you can check your site status using google’s another most popular tools “Google analytics”.

You can look at

  1. crawler errors are under the Crawl error tag,
  2. most popular search query for your website or blog see under the Search queries tag,
  3. Sitemap for your website under the sitemap tag.

Crawl Errors

Crawl errors helps to increase bed impression on web, Search Engine, and Visitors also. More over if your website is down or redirecting wrong links which is written incorrect by admin at that time Google webmaster track this page and give notification to set it correctly.

Search Queries

This option full support your website SEO performance with finding the perfect search queries by end victors over the search engine. Using Search queries you can find the top most search page in google search engine.

Increase your site visibility on google first page using simple SEO tips , valuable keywords.


Sitemap gives your site overviews with separate pages and Articles URL in single file. Site map is in XML file. Each website has its own SITE map file. We can submit this file in google search engine using sitemap URL.

You can get your Website’s or blog sitemap URL from the Sitemap URL generator online tools.

You must submit websites sitemap URL to Google webmaster tools under the sitemap tab.

More over you can also track Back links, Malware checking, Structured Data, HTML enhancement. I tried to cover all point one by one in blow.


Google webmaster tools also track the number of connation between your blog or Website to other website. That might be through the social sharing, Commenting, Guest posting and Directory submission.
We will cover perfect definition of basic terms like Commenting, Guest Posting and Directory submission in our future article.

Ways to create Backlinks in rapid way.

You should find Backlinks (Links to your site) under the Search engine from the left pan of the google webmaster tools.

Other five Backlinks checker tools for your blog or website

Malware checking

Malware is the most dangerous affecting your website that’s kill your visitors, Site load time and more. That’s happen cause of open source tools from net used in your website and blog.
You can check malware through the Google webmaster tools and other online tools over the net in free.

HTML performance

HTML is the main part of any website and blog development. If your site contain any small errors like missing tag, Overlaying HTML code, Garbage code, JavaScript errors, and more
These errors created during the development and Copy pasting code from the web. Can be track by the google webmaster tools in free of cost.

List of best social sites to perform over word wide.

Final Speech

Use the Perfect Tools like google webmaster, Google analytical tools and improve your site performance with tracking, Designing and maintaining day by day. So Let’s connect with US using social FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter page.

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