Friday, January 24, 2014

How To Unlock Pattern Lock From Android Mobile Phone Without Any Software Or Internet

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Most of the android users always find the query regarding to unlock your android Smartphone pattern lock in some critical condition like after many time pattern lock should be forgot any human being, after set pattern lock unlock pattern forgotten by his/her. In android pattern lock provide best security to save your data from strange person. If you are trying more attempts in a single time android system automatically lock yourself for short time. Thanks to android giving wonderful security in mobile.
Pattern Lock Remove or Disable from android mobile phone
Pattern Lock Remove or Disable from android mobile phone

Now I am tried to get unlock or remove pattern lock from your android mobile phone or smart phone in below.

Unlock/Disable Pattern Lock From Android Mobile Steps are in below:

1. Turn off/ Shutdown you android mobile phone or Smartphone by pressing turn off button.
2. Turn on your android mobile phone
3. Entering wrong pattern fast one by one (Wrong Pattern speed as fast as possible by you)
4. At last your number of wrong attempt, Pattern not working and give message.
5. Then you will find two button “Emergency call” and “Unlock”.
6. Press Unlock then you will find below two options to unlock android pattern lock.
      1. “Answer Question
      2. “Enter Google account Details

7. Select preferred option as of your choice.
8. In first option “Answer question” you have to give security answer which is submitted by you at pattern lock created time.
9. In second option “Enter Google account Details” you have to submit your Gmail user name (Email) or Password.
10. After selecting one of two options, you have to draw new pattern as your new pattern lock.
11. Your job is successfully done, Enjoy

I am sure this must work in your android smart phone. I already applied in my XPERIA android smart phone. It is working. So read all the above instruction steps and apply. If you have any problem put your problem in below comment box.

Don’t miss to put your comment after successfully apply in your android Smartphone.

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