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Best Browser For Android Free – Light Weight And Secure Browser For Android For Fast Surfing

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
You have to know about number of browser available in android market but you have to confusion which is best for me to after checking all types of performance like fast access, High security, Easy to navigate, Short
cut menus, History option, Browser privacy and many others. Most of the people always find the best browser in android only for security purpose. As on best android browsing poll and my friend’s suggestion I listed top five android browsers for all time.
Best android browser for mobile
Best android browser for mobile

Best Android browser for your smart phone 


Firefox browser for android is the best option to get more and easy comfortable internet surfing. Reason behind is that Firefor android browser gives awesome good looking home screen. It is also providing hundreds of useful add-on and tools in free. So firefox comes at number one position in list of best android browser.


We have to know Chrome for desktop and laptop is best browser. But now it’s also available for android.
If you are using higher level android version then you must have to use Chrome for android. Chrome is incredibly fast as compare to other browser. But its tab complexity makes it number two positions in list of best android browser.

Dolphin Browser HD and Mini

Dolphin Browser is our favorite browser for android. Dolphin for android deserved third rank because it gives the option of speech to text.
You can download and install from google play store here

Boat Bowser/Mini

Boat mini version can get from here

Opera Mobile Mini

Opera mini version can get from here

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