Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How To Apply Google Adsense On New Blog? Complete Guide.

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Blogging is the best way to earn through the google adsense but for that we must be follow some criteria with perfect rules and regulations. Google adsense declare some terms and condition to participate in google adsense, world’s largest ad network on internet. Major part of google income is google adsense and google adwords. We can participate in this network through the successful blogging with experience to write the best article on useful blog throughout unique article and finest blog rang.
Google adsense before applying adsense for new blog
Once at first time I am much exited to participate in google adsense, but finally result is very bad. I disapproved from the google adsense. Finally I read all the terms and condition and implement on my blog: In this article I am trying to help as a best friend with some most highlighted point in sequence to recover you blog before applying in google adsense.

Be Prepare For Google Adsense after Applying Below Points in Your Blog

Adsense representative always check your blog with predefine term and condition own its official page. This page is point out some of the basic requirement as rules for your site OR Website. Like domain age must be 6 month old for some specific country like china, Pakistan and India. In past many of the blogger approved your account in just one month. But now competition should to be very high so now it’s not possible.

Age Limit to participate in google adsense ad network

In this condition google adsense took part in system that who are 18 years old. 18 years old people’s website and blog only acceptable.

Regular updates: high quality content

More over interested people to earn some dollar in short of time make negative sense. That guise always copy pasting content from the other site and at last it will never participate in google adsense. You can check my site contains copyright content through online tools.

How can we say this is high quality content?
Content type: More understandable to read, Not including subject like hacking and Cracking, Copyright, Drugs and Alcohol, Weapons, Adult.
Length of an article: 500 to 600 +, For batter SEO(Search engine optimize) blog or website.
Description in each post: How to post description in each blog post and website for batter seo?
Make you post attractive: Make your blog post attractive with idea and Writing skills.

Apply all blog OR website optimize techniques

Blog must optimize with Meta Title with Meta keyword. You can add most frequent use keyword in your blog make that Meta tag. Search engine always find your blog through the Meta tag and Meta description in each post and article easily.
Please note that SEO tips for meta tag and meta description. Meta tag must be less 69 characters. Meta description must be less 156 characters.

Choose a best content type and visitor requirement

If you getting the frequent hit on some popular topic then you should write more for that topic always.

Choose best domain

If you are become successful then you must have to invest some money: 200 to 300 Rs. You can purchase your own domain for a year. Some top level domain always helps to get more visitors and traffic in search engine.
Before that you have to read help article : How to choose best domain for blog or website?

Submit top level domain

At the time of submitting your blog you must have to submit on top level or Root domain in google adsense application form.

Choose Free Image: Not copyright

If you are publishing copyright image then you may put yourself in trouble. Because copyright material not allow in google adsense always. You can take image from flickr and another free image sites.
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