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How to get any wi-fi password | Step by Step guide

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Now a day’s most of the device run on without wire, so to run this types of device we need network connection with wireless device. but it’s possible only with wifi network. Now a day’s most of the offices covered with the wifi networks.

At that’s moment sometimes users get lost your own wireless – wifi network password to connect with wifi network.
Using this technique: How to get wifi password without any application you can retrieve within 5 to 6 steps. That’s display below in step by steps. So please read all the steps carefully any follow that.

In which option you can get wifi network connection

  1. You must have wifi enabled devise
  2. In your devise wifi should be connected any of the unknown network – Wifi available with the lock mark than you will anjoy after follow the below steps.
  3. You have get password from already connected device on that wifi networks.

But some of the users lose his password or forget after some time can retrieve using below method.

Step 1: Go on device which is already connected in that’s network, not how to connect it may be connected through wifi or Wired connection
Step 2 : Type CMD in search result OR press (Windows + R ) key
Follow the below two steps
Step 1, Command Promt

Step 2, Type Ipconfig in Command Promt

Step 3 : Go on connected device’s browser and type Default get way IP in browser url
Some thing like in below figure, most of the getaway’s ip is same for all router device –
But double check is required because some of the time it will be changed with private setting by network operator.
Step 3, Open browser and type Default getway IP
Step 4 : Hit the Enter , you can see blow screen in your browser, Authentication Required.
Login password and user name is set by default user name admin and password admin
Hit the login button.
Step 4, login

Step 5 : Finally you will get your own wifi password in upcoming screen.
See the blow screens,
Step 5, Password get
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