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Best music and Video player plugins for your blog and websites | light weight

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Now days each of the blogger and webmaster finding best tools to run video streaming on your personal site and blog. For do that webmaster put the embedded code to run video. As result of that’s thought is going to the right path which proves better experience to the reader.

Experienced webmaster 100 per believe this matter, cause video give the extra impression on product and also look wise.

But some of the other reason also behind it,

For blogger you have to simple put embedded code in your html code, its works fine. Webmaster’s own video doesn't play using that’s type of sort method.

Why we add video tools

1. Some the complex process to run any of the product, that’s May hardware or software. Give the best guide with step by guide in video.
2. Its also give live video streaming from your source or server.
3. Some of the light weight tools gives batter experience in place with your own player.
4. Using this you may solve using this different tool.
5. More option to choose best screen, match with you design and look.

You can use below player : Best music player for your blog and websites

1. Flowplayer 3.1

Player 1,FlowPlayer
Type : Audio/Video
Flowplayer is an open source player to run audio and video on your sites. You can run video using html and JavaScript with combine use in easy steps.

Place the html code: where to play video on your site
Create java scrip in head of the html file:
You can also put your cover image on video:

For more instruction please visit: Help From Flowplayer
If you have any query then please keep comment in below comment box: we will be glade with help to you!
For word press users : Free plugins

2. JW Player

Player 2,JWPlayer

Type : Audio/Video
JW player one of the most compatible media option to run FLV light weight video with easy streaming its support more if the file type like (FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG, and GIF also) it also support RTMP, HTTP, Live streaming, with more advance settings.
You can download from here : Click to download
IF you have any query then post in below comment.

3. More of the different types of player

1. Dewplayer

Player 3,DewPlayer
Type : audio
For wordpress users : Wordpress plugins

2. MP3 Player :

Player 4,Mp3Player
Type : Audio
Download plugins : MP3 Player :
For to install : Click full guide

3. WP Audio Player

Type : audio
Direct Download: Click to download
To installation instruction: Click for installation
For non – wordpress plugins : Full guide

4. Yahoo media player

Player 5,YahooMediaPlayer
Type : audio
Yahoo developer providing own media player to get enjoy on your site and blog. So to do this job you have to simple put single java scrip in your site or blog.
No any issue to put java scrip in your site. And it’s also very light making your blog more powerful.
You can get download and full instruction from : here

5. Premium Beat Flash MP3 Players

Premium Beat Flash MP3 Players available for only for audio type. Premium beat very light video player apart from the others.
Premium beast installation help : about premium beat
Wordpress users : install WP
Installation instruction for WP plugins : Full installation guide

6. Flash Mp3 Player

Type: Audio
Flash Mp3 player advance with more suitable technique and method that’s helps to install in your site and blog with out and programming knowledge.
So you have enjoyed with read installation instructions. From here

7. Flabell Flash MP3 Player

Type: Audio
To use flabell flash player simple registration is required before download.
Click to register and download

8. XSPF Web music player

Download link : Here
Installation instruction guide : Click to read

9. Macromedia Flash MP3 Music Player

Macromedia Flash MP3 Music Player helps to customize player with your side after selection different color combination. And you can enjoy with 25 beck to beck mp3 song. Continuously
Click to enjoy: here

If you have any query in installation thane put below comment box. We will glade to help. Or you have another best player then put below comment box.
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