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Best application for Samsung galaxy S4 | Price and Features

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Best application for Samsung galaxy S4 now available in its official site that’s make your phone attractive in functionality and run time usage.

Galaxy S4 best application
Samsung Best Apps by samsung

You can download from here for Free as well as Premium version apps in free :

Click here to download Samsung apps directly in your mobile 

Search for other model (see below image):
Samsung galaxy searchable apps
Samsung galaxy S4 is totally android base so it’s also supported all the android based application.
Samsung launched some additional features with low price as compare with the previously released galaxy series model by Samsung.

Price : Samsung galaxy price set : 41499 in INR

Design make attractive: 

Hart touching design with slim in thickness and more space allocated for screen as compare to Samsung galaxy S3. Sporty Plastic make more touchable and crashes handover functionality make batter as compare to iphone and blackberryZ10.

Display :

Screen and resolution: 4.99 inch AMOLD huge screen and 441PPI pixel density of resolution.
Samsung galaxy S4 screen made by Gorilla Glass 3, that’s make mobile more Hendy and unbreakable in accidently drop from your hand.
That’s making more favorable to your figures.

Performance and Processor:

Samsung galaxy S4 with Exyonox – 8 core processor clocked at 1.6 GHZ, that’s keeps excellent performance by Samsung.
Apart from the, Exyonox – 8 core processor will be clocked at 1.9GHZ, that’s give equal performance. In Samsung galaxy S4 with 2 GB ram give excellent result.
And now available with more option in 16, 32, and 64 GB Expandable company storage capacity with different price batch.

Camera : 

S4 gives 13 Megapixel , Dual Camera mode
Samsung galaxy S4’s From the camera with face detection capability.

Battery Life:

At rough use of mobile make happy to you. Cause S4 made with heavy 2,600 Mah, efficient Power consumed capacity makes more hart touchable with 10hr gaming enjoyment and many of the days for stand- by life.
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