Sunday, April 28, 2013

Windows 8 upgradation online with latest offer: $14.99 | windows 8 upgrade offer

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Windows 8 upgradation now available online with tremendous offer released by Microsoft some days to ahead. Windows 8 users now can upgrade your OS with 3 month trial version. Or windows 7 users can jump to use windows 8 OS. And enjoy full features of widows 8 with up gradation.

All the users who are enjoying windows 7 upgrade version in between June 2, 2012 to January 31, 2013. You can get upgrade windows 7 version with bought windows 7 pc after October 26th,2012. It may be windows 7 Home basic, windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate, all the addition are available in windows 8 pro version.
indows 8 Ugrade News

So, Microsoft clearly declare users don’t have to pay extra to upgrade from windows 7 OS with windows 8 OS finally.
Certification Process!

What’s required to upgrade windows 7 to windows 8?

You have to declare your valid windows 7 OEM certificate and valid product key of windows 7 is required. It’s whole process only for registration and validation of to enjoy upgrade offer.

Interested users can register for windows 8 upgrade offer.

Apart from this offer users can get upgraded windows 8 with pay payment then download available in beginning October 26,2012.

Process to get windows 8 upgrade

  1. Register you in this offer.
  2. You will get Email from Microsoft with a promotional code and detailed instruction to purchasing and download guide in details.

Promotional code is worked at a time when you buy windows 8 with $14.99 and at once.

To purchase windows 8 media player pack
In this window 8 up gradation DVD playback not supported. You get this feature with extra pay for windows 8 media player pack.

To register windows 8 upgrading offer, please visit :

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