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What is Google analytics? Are you using? Each blogger and web master use Google analytics.

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
In this article I am sharing an experience with the Google analytics of my blog knowledge sharing blog “knowledgekites.org”

Its one of the best tracking service provide by google. That means most of the webmasterand users(Blogger) can see or trace your site or blog report at any time of the day.

Google analytic

Google analytics has a many tool to track with them. 

Best features as compare to the other sites
Now thousands of site are available on web which are tracking your site very well but each site has a one basic rule we have (blogger of owner) must put you own site logo or link to know site status.

But some of the time owner not happy with them because of visitors are moving on that side directly so back link are generates and as rule of SEO, if you are moving lower page rank to higher then you are in profit but of backline is in reverse direction then your page rank will moving down on day by day. So your page rank will be down and you will be lost in web traffic.

So Google analytics provide this feature in free of charge to track your site on web with many categories, that’s display below.

If you blog or site in starting stage on web then you have to track your site with country wise (To know the status).

-          If your blog rank in alexa rank ismore then 1 00 000 then you don’t track with country and page views and bounce rate.
-          But it’s possible in Google analytics.

If you can enjoy this service with simple registration (some steps) with your Gmail ID.
Users can track or analysis more than one Website and Apps(Android and iOS applications)

1.      Move on this link

2.      Go on admin button on upper right corner

3.       Enter web site name, which you want to track

4.      Enter website URL

5.      Select category of your site

6.      Reporting time zone (In which country, you are belonging)

7.      Account name (as sub admin)

8.      Now you get tracking ID number with simple line of code. Which you have to configure your site.

How to configure my site
Tracking ID number copy past in your site code.

Find </head> tag with (ctr + F) key.

Past tracking ID code on before the ></head> tag.

Tracking category in Google analytics
You can see all tracing data with reporting button on upper ribbon of Google analytics.
1.      My dashboard (Chart wise data)
2.      Event(You can see Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
3.      Real Time(Location of visitor on live basis, Recent content visitors)
4.      Audience(category in on which device on you track)
5.      Traffic source
6.      Content
7.      Conversations

Wish you all the best!!

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