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How to choose best website or domain name

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
This article provides all information regarding to choose domain name of blog or website.

Domain name is one of the leading parts in blogging and websites hosting and publishing. Now I am discussing on naming and domain deciding on multiple criteria as consider below. We create a one type of business on web that means starting level on any business expand on logo (on naming), symbol or market value is come after naming. 

How to select Domain name

At learner level of we have to learn how to deciding 

I am discussing affecting points of naming one by one

1.     Category of your article
Choose your domain name with site content and full match with your blog or site.
You topic may be on below topic like Kids, Baby, Student (Educations), Younger’s (Entertainers), Older, Technology, Blogging, SEO, Food recopies, Examinations, Recruitment, Government policies, agricultures ect.

2.     Consider Topic or subject of your web apps

3.      Country wise (Physical location) category called domain extension.
Country specific top level domains are
.com (Most of the common for worldwide)
.pk (Leading domain for Pakistan bloggers)
.in (Leading domain for India bloggers) (United Kingdom or London)
.jp (For Japanese blog)
.cn (For china blog)
All of them but you have to shoos your domain extension as based on the target location which you are putting your website as a target readers and visitors.
If your target visitors should be only Chinese readers than you have to choose .cn as discuss above.

4.     Put prefix of postfix  in domain name
You can put prefix (add this tag at stating position) tag as – The, For, digits(1 to 9), my, ect
You can add prefix (Put this tag at ending position) tag as – you, your,  ect..
You can create combine name of famous domain name like .. Face book, twitter, Google ect….
what ever Definition of your blog
.org (Non profit site or blogger)
.com (Commercial website)
.net (Networking site)

5.      Keep it simple with no Hyphens    
Easy to remember that’s means users can visited your site a onetime then search again without confusing to other name. 
Users can directly put in his/her browser directly
If you are using Hyphens (- , . ) symbol than user can put in trouble when searching your blog from same site naming site urls.
On the web same name but different with Hyphens available in search engines.
Ex. same as (But not same) below.      OR
At result you can kill you visitors again and again in future.

6.     Put you logo on the basis of domain name.

7.     Give some sweet description as under logo. So user can understand your site building concept easily.

8.     Shorter and unique from others
Your domain name should not longer than 67 characters.

9.     Easy to type
You should to select name as popular keyword or combination more than one keyword

10. Don’t create copy rights issue in future as popularity level
You can check your safe with check on registered domain [here]
Find your domain name as early as possible cause new a days millions of new domain name generated and registered on web at each and every second of time.

Take fast decision and implement it as soon as possible.

“Go fast and enjoy your life with sweet dreams”
Wish you all the best !!
If you have to send any missing point on above article then share with your friend in blow comment box.

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  1. Great Tips For Domain Finder thanks for Great Share! I am looking for the same !!

  2. This article is incredibly smart . i would suggest some domain name tips here ;

    A perfect domain name is more essential for the website.

    1. It should be short and easy to remember .
    2. It should be related with the website content .
    3. It should be impressive.

    For a website, domain name is more important . Likewise, Domain registration is also necessary to register domains( ). Before choosing a domain name provider, you have to check the following factors :

    1. Company existence
    2. Customer support and service