Sunday, March 17, 2013

Can I increase security with CAPTCHA ? Yes. Why we use? For blogger and webmaster.

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Now I share post regarding why webmaster use “captcha”. And when use it. For visitors and hackers.

Now a day’s social media is one of the best sector for publishing and promoting product or site with little bit of work.

In the sense more of the social media site using verification and capcha service for users. Which prevent the security and maintain functionality of web.

On the web there are number of script available for hacking on simple form without any effort and without need of human as a operator.

More of the publishers Google, absence, AOL, bind, and yahoo also recommend for CAPTCHA for free in web listing of submit web urls.

Twitter also use “captcha” since 2009, before that thousands of spammers who run multiple rerun script in sites for tweets. So its generate spammer traffic for site that’s affect on server.

One of the solution is that but it’s not working. “block account through ip address but it’s not recognize with condition that’s users can also attack on other place and other IP address”

So the capcha is providing on new tweets occasionally. So web master can maintain equal balance between site of security and usability.

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