Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to make website faster with increase speed and performance

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Are you pro blogger or website developer that you must have to know about MAX CDN (Content delivery network) plans, How to apply Max CDN, benefits of Max CDN and best pricing for you. Millions of happy website customer and owners are enjoying speed and performance of own website. Are you one of them, not So please real all the benefits on Max CDN network how helps you.

You can check your Site by entering domain (Here). From here you will get mathematical calculation and score own your wordpress website. Are you getting above 90% score and page load in two number figures then you don’t have to go with any CDN network.

Key points to increase website speed and make your website fast

What is CDN? And How that will help in increase website load speed?

CDN – Content delivery network, this network transfer you data like image, text and JS to nearest server in your country. This will decrease time to deliver data from server to your website’s viewer. Once you applied CDN service in your website, CDN servers store all the data in all the server country wise. When your visitors come for visit, nearest server respond first and deliver data in minimum time duration.

Why we go with MAX CDN?

MAX CDN is the largest CDN network in the area of CND network service. MAX CDN is best trusted CDN services by millions of customers are very pleased. MAX CDN giving best plans verity as of user’s requirement and websites view and visitors. Ex, if your website primary traffic coming from European countries that you can apply only for European country CDN network. At and of result you will get cheap and efficient result for CDN service.

Max CDN helps to increase index your website in top best search engine. It’s hence that google also give priority on website page load time. For measure time go here

What will be store MAX CDN server?

• You website theme images
• Website js files
• Themes CSS files
• All images uploaded in your post and pages

Which plan you should apply in your website to increase speed

First of all, you have to checkup your website monthly bandwidth usage, for the beginner should be categories in start plan. To know monthly bandwidth usage you can ask your hosting provide or Go in your control panel.

Mac CDN giving starter plan and High volume plan on the bases of how your website use bandwidth per month, For the beginner you can go with starter plan.
You can sign up and also use for trial period, so don’t wait for apply in Max CDN and make your website faster.

Steps to integrate MAX CDN to your website, Apple Max CDN to your website

Step 1
Install W3 Total cache plugins in your wordpress dashboard,

Step 2
After installing W3 total cache Go configuration setting in plugin > Max CDN > Tap on CDN tab.

Step 3
Then enter your CNAME and API code. (Given in below screen)
Max CDN for wordpress Setup -Plans and Sign up
Max CDN for wordpress Setup from yoast.com

Step 4
Tap on Test NetDNA, Now you god message on Test passed.

Step 5
After test passed, tap on save all settings.

Don’t miss how this post helps you, if you have experienced with Max CDN then serve comment in below, so keep helping and share this article with your friends.


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