Monday, September 29, 2014

How to Change text size in WhatsApp message conversation

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Most of the WhatsApp users not know how to increase text size in WhatsApp app. WhatsApp giving option under the setting tab in normal, big and bigger format. In the previous article I explained how to take or keep backup before uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile to save old message. Using this WhatsApp tricks you can change WhatsApp message text size, change font size and style. Big font will looks more beautiful and clear for easy read in your small android screen device.

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WhatsApp tips - Change font size
WhatsApp tips - Change font size

How to change text size in WhatsApp message in android mobile

Step 1
Launch WhatsApp app in your mobile

Step 2
Tap right click on your android mobile – (Se menu option in WhatsApp)

Step 3
Tap on settings option,

Step 4
Under the Settings > Chat Settings.

Step 5
Tap on Font size, Small or Medium or Large type of font

Step 6
Select type for font size what you want to like.
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See your message conversation to test your font size in your WhatsApp inside. Don’t miss how feel and how this post help you from this article.


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