Friday, August 8, 2014

Top best Keyword research tools for SEO (Search engine optimization)

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Best Keyword research tools must help to gain more website search index in search engine. At the end of, you will improve your website health to retain actual output from the search engines and visitors. Here I giving list of foremost keyword research tools for SEO categorized on different category. All plugins must increase index in top most search engine, SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rank, Google index, Pagerank, Pageviews, Traffic. So you must simply use below plugins regularly in your article posting, get instant result in your hand, in short time duration.

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Top best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and article posting

1. Open Site Explorer

SemRush for Keyword
Open Site Explorer is best SEO tools to find the most popular keyword in your blog. Using these tools you can find best keyword ideas on your contact title and popularity on web. You can also increase your overall blog performance in short of time.

2. Google AdWord
Google AdWords keyword Tools
Google AdWords keyword Tools
Google AdWords deserve second rank in best keyword research tools for SEO and quality article. Google AdWords gives the perfect result of your keyword research. Google AdWords plus points are country, location, language, Group ideas, and estimated cost of keyword, multiple keyword research. Keyword suggestion is the best option to get related keyword searched keyword.

3. SEMRush
SemRush for Keyword
SemRush for Keyword
To find future use keyword in your blog/website, you have to submit your website URL than target search engine that’s on your want to analyze. From there you can also get advertizing popularity, as advertiser and publishers.
Other useful Tools in SEM Rush
Keyword Research
Website Ranking
Organic search popularity

4. Alexa
Alexa keyword Research tools
Alexa keyword Research tools
Alexa also deserve position rank in best keyword research tools for SEO list. You can analyze your website/blog with first 30 days trial, after that purchasing small plan activation.
You can check another websites keyword by submitting URL, which you want to analyze.

5. StatsCrope
Status Crop
Status Crop
Status Crop
StatsCrope accessing whole website database, in result you will get all the data like popular keyword, SEO score, Domain Age, internal and external links, Becklinks.
To check particular keyword ranking in your blog/website:

6. Bing keyword Research Tools
Bing Webmaster
Bing Webmaster
Bing one of the best search engine to improve site visibility and get more visitors on your web. You can get most popular keyword in bing search engine related to your blog. Bing webmaster tools give result base on the criteria’s like, Country, region and language.
To use bing webmaster tools you have to login, after free registering yourself through Microsoft account.

Final dose - : To find most popular and effective keyword for your blog/website, You must have to use best keyword Research Tools from listed above. Because Keyword popularity is always updates on time and for different search engine.Don’t miss to share which is best for you in below comment box. If you have any problem comment also we will be glad to assist you.


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