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Wrong SEO work with Common mistakes done by Webmaster or SEO learners

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Improvement of SEO must be solve by performing good work in SEO after considering common mistakes done by any person as a SEO learner, Website designer and Blogger. To increase your SEO job performance and get correct meaning full result from your website and blog you must have to solve your Problem as a common mistake in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here I try to shortlisted the entire common mistake in SEO (Search Engine optimization).

How to solve common mistacks in SEO as SEO learner and blogger
How to solve common mistacks in SEO as SEO learner and blogger

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SEO tips: Common SEO mistake in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work

1. Wrong keyword Selection

Keyword selection is the core factor for your successful website and blogging performance in top most search engine. SEO (Search engine optimization) is factor to choose right keyword from your post and article. If you have to write post on SEO than you must have choose SEO keyword as a main keyword in your blog post and that you can set as a label and category.

2. Reproduction of meta tag

Reproduction of Meta tag means if you are using same keyword for all post and article to archive and gives single category group in your whole website then it should be wrong Meta tag selection.
Meta tag might be direct relationship with your each blog post and article that should be follow in Meta tag keyword.

3. Never use java script and flash content design in place of pure html design

Animated and dynamic website is always good looking but for SEO (Search engine optimization) it is not good. SEO fetch unique visitors from Search engine result over the world wide. Moto behind website for business is only that inform to a new customer at midnight also. So to increase SEO performance we must not do this Common mistake and always design website or blog in HTML tag.

4. Missing Necessary tag : “alt” tag as main tag under image tag

As a Blogger and Web designer you must have to know search engine find image through the alt tag given in image tag. For that you must have to give meaning full name in alt tag. When you find image in google search engine you can see all image including your images also display as a result.

5. Give perfect content hierarchy

As of SEO you must use well structured format of article in your post with perfect heading, Subheading, Paragraph under the correct tag (H1, H2 to H6 and Bold, Italic) and way. Millions of successful website which has powerful SEO always manages these types of structure.

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