Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to remove notification message from android smart phone: Can’t clear notification on android

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Can’t remove notification on android mobile,” Why notification can’t remove from notification bar after clicked on it.” is common problem for all android users. Notification from android mobile should be automatically removed after click on it. But some of the time internal process tread running in background continuously. At this time when we click on it will move your screen but it will run on same tread without stopping from your internal process from the logical memory (RAM). To stop this you must have to stop internal process from your mobile application tab under the setting.

Some of the time when your shutdown your phone it can’t stop because it should be integrated with mobile’s OS process. Here it full solution on how to stop or remove notification from your android mobile notification bar.

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Step to remove notification from android smart phone: Can’t remove notification

You can apply one of two methods given in below. You have latest android mobile OS after android 4.0 and above than method 1 can help your 100%. Otherwise you can choose second method that works in all android mobile OS version.

Method 1: Remove notification that can’t remove on touch

Step 1: Open notification bar. From your home screen. And move on notification which you want to stop.
cant remove notification on android mobile
cant remove notification on android mobile
Step 2: keep Touch on notification for 5 to 6 sec. now you can see button on notification for “stop”.
Step 3: Now you can see your notification automatically remove from notification bar, that can’t stop.

Method 2: Remove notification that can remove manually

Step 1:
When you stop running notification that can’t stop
Application > Manage Application > Running
Find apps under the above path in your application for running notification in your notification bar.

Step 2:
Click on that app and select "clear all data", "Stop". Now you can check it in notification bar.
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