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How to access multiple computer using single mouse and keyboard

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Friends, this post is very useful when you are accessing multiple computer alone in your home, office or any other organization computers installed different OS like windows, Linux, Ubuntu, MAC, Debian, Fedora and Red hat. Many of friends can’t get solution of this “How to connect multiple computer using lAN”, ”Access multiple computer screen using single Hardware configuration like one mouse and keyboard”. To make this possible you simply follow the below steps sequentially. I implement at my friend’s home using this free software and some cabling process to connect your computers on single LAN.

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Steps to access multiple computer screen using single mouse or keyboard

Step 1:
You computer must be connected with single LAN (local Area Network).
Note: To create LAN you have to add all computers in same workgroup under the network sharing option.

Step 2:
Download synergy software. It’s available in premium and free version also. Synergy available for different OS like Windows (7/XP/Vista), MAC, Android, Ubuntu.

Download Click Here

Step 3:
After installing this software in your main computer your screen looks like in below,
Share Computer Using single Mouse and Keyboard
Share Computer Using single Mouse and Keyboard

Step 4:
Now install this software on all computers that you want to connect using single mouse and keyboard configuration.

Step 5:
Setting is different for mail computer has Mouse and Keyboard. We can say Admin Computer. Using Admin PC you can access and manage another computer from admin computer.
Select on main PC “Share this Computer’s keyboard and mouse (Server)

Step 6:
Another computer set “Use another computer’s shared keyboard and mouse (Client)”.

Step 7:
On serve or main computer set “hotkey” to swap access between other computers in serices by pressing this hot key. In this you have to submit details of another computer’s IP address or computer name.

Step 8:
Click on start button from setup. Your job is nicely done. Now you will be ready to access any computer by pressing hotkey do anything from admin computer.

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