Saturday, February 1, 2014

Top High Paying CPC Country For Adsense Ad: High CPC (Cost Per Click) Paying Country

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
In adsense advertizing network must follow on well targeted ad with list of higher CPC cost paying ad. Means you have to get more traffic in English country gives more adsense CPC cost. At the end you will get higher earning in less effort. I tried to write and list out top countries on my couple of month adsense earning experience. You are looking “Best location to get more CPC ad units”, “Top countries on Pay per click with google adsense”, “Top 20 countries to archive more CPC cost rate” than you have to try more traffic from the below list of countries in world wide. Google adsense officially declare in terms and condition, Adsense earning directly depends on country source (Traffic), Content quality, Title Quality, Refer sites, Website Platform, Becklinks and Pagerank also. One of them is targeted visitors who are visiting your site adsense ad and click cost (CTC).

Now I am discussing on country rank on the basis of CPC adsense ad. In list of Top country for adsense CPC, Guyana is at number one position. Most of the advertiser believes that united state gives me more earning and CPC in google adsense. But United State is at number five position. On above number five position Switzerland, Canada, and United Kingdom deserve at number second, third, and fourth rank respectively. I know you are interested on other famous countries apart from these top five.

Top most High paying Countries to Get more CPC(Cost Per Click) in Google adsense

More Countries are in below snap, Click to enlarge
High CPC paying countries in google adsense ad
High CPC paying countries in google adsense ad

Other top and well performing countries like China at 53 position, India at 75 position, Pakistan at 91 position, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh at number 101, 109 rank respectively.
Above list always helpful to archive best adsense earning and alexa rank in top most countries.

Top Google adsense earners from india

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