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Shortcut keys of computer to save time: Short Cut key for Browser, Windows 7/8 and XP

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Friends, If you are using short cut key of computer in daily routine to access your Desktop computer or Laptop than you can save 40% of time to internet browsing search and documentation preparation ect.
I hope you will apply as soon as possible in your Office, School, and Collage or even at home computer or Laptop. You can mark this point short cut key to access and machine as same for all devices but mouse option changeable like laptop will work on touchpad and Tablate also.
Shortcut for Browsing and Window using Keyboard Key
Shortcut for Browsing and Window using Keyboard Key

I hope you will find the all useful shortcut to access your Computer or Laptop. So book mark (Ctlr + D) this page and Use all short cut key in daily basis. It will help to in future for as professional developer or Person.

Shortcut keys of keyboard for Browsing

Ctrl + Shift + T: To reopen recently closed tab. Not last one but all closed by your side accidently or unexpected closed.
Ctrl + Shift + N: For secure browsing. If you are accessing unknown place than you must do surfing with secure browsing property. This functionality doesn’t store history and Password.
Ctrl + Shift + Delete: To clear browser history.
Ctrl + W: To close recent browser tab.
Ctrl + “-”: Zoom Out
Ctrl + “+”: Zoom In
Ctrl + Tab: To move between opened tab serially.
Ctrl + H: To see history
Ctrl + D: Current Page Bookmark
Ctrl + N: To open new windows or New Tab
Ctrl + K: Move search bar in browser.
Space: Scroll down in web page
Shift + Space: Scroll Up in web page

Alt + Home: To move browser home screen.
Alt + D/ F6: To go on browser address bar.
Ctrl + Enter/ Ctrl + Click: To open link in new tab
Ctrl + R/ F5: To refresh or reload current browser or tab or Webpage.
Ctrl + T: To open new tab in same browser. It works for all browsers.

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Shortcut keys of keyboard for windows

Win + E: Open my computer at any time without minimizing your working windows or close.
Win + M: Minimize open windows on screen one by one by pressing keyboard key (Win + M).
Win + D: To move to desktop screen or Startup screen.
F2: To rename any file, Folder or Setup file also. Just select it and Press F2.
Win + L: To lock Windows. It doesn’t shutting down your PC only lock your screen temporary.
Alt + Tab: To switch between opened multiple windows at a time.
Ctrl + Shift + Esc: To open start manager from there you can stop any executed program directly from there.
Alt + F4: To close selected program or window.
Shift + Delete: Remove any of data from your Computer permanently.(it doesn’t move in recycle bin)

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I hope you find the all useful shortcut keyboard key to use in daily routine. So book mark this page and follow daily. Don’t miss to share with your friends by clicking on below sharing button.

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