Monday, February 10, 2014

How To Check My website/blog Containing Copyright Material Or Not Online, Got Message From Google Adsense

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
This article helps to find the copyright content on your site online in free. Some of the time you are worry about I could not copy content from the other websites or blog but google adsense gives copyright mail after applying in google adsense. And the google adsense never approve copyright material website till that days. Copyright notification has been declared in Google adsense terms and condition. And this rule applies for all the publishers without any reservation.

We must check copyright material before the applying Google adsense.

Copyright confirmation can be done before apply in google adsense. If you want to approve your website in google adsense at the first time URL submit attempt. You must check your site’s copyright material.

What do Copyright Material?

Google check your site containing copyright material Then Google receives copyright owner and finally google give the notice to organization to remove copyright page from the search engine results. Then google don’t decide copyright low it will decide only court. Google only give suggestion and alert to the copyright claimed owner. Google activating this service since 2009 and it should be more powerful in day by day. Google received 4.3 million copyrighted active URL in 1 month.

What affect on applied google adsense website?

If Google adsense capture these types of copyright URL then give notice through the mail and banned your google adsense URL for all time.

How to check my sight Containing Copyright Material (articles and Post) Or Not?
Any of the Website owner and blogger can check online from the below URL.

Click here to check your site URL

You have to submit your Website URL in textbox and hit the Go button. For more see in below image.


What to do after getting Copyrighted URL from my site?

After clicking Go button you will show list of URL which has copy content from the other site. Find the links from your blog and website. And remove from your blog.

Useful: Don’t miss to approve Google adsense account in 2 hours.

Other Search To check copyright material of my site:

  • Google adsense mail your site contain copyright material.
  • Check my website or blog status on copyright issue.
  • CopyScape alternatives to check my site contain copyright material.

I am sure this article helps for each blogger and site master. If you have any suggestion and query then say in below comment bog. And don’t miss to share this article in simple click from the below sharing button.

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