Friday, February 21, 2014

Google Adsense Wire Transfer Or (EFT) Online Transfer Will Be Available In India: Soon Now

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Dear Adsense publishers now EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer) or online payment transfer available for Indian adsense publishers in short time may be in new two to three week. Google adsense officially declare that now Google adsense providing EFT service for Indian publishers in February ending. Before that google adsense pay money only one option “Check”. Now google adsense for Indian has two options. You can receive your adsense income with Pay by check or EFT transfer (Directly your Bank account).

Google adsense also declare some basic rules for this option only for security purpose. If you are fired from google adsense so use other google adsense alternative.

Who is able to receive your adsense payment in his/her Bank account?

  1. You are locating or staying in India. Means your submitted payment address in google adsense must be Indian address.
  2. Minimum balance in your adsense account must be at least $100. It will be seen in your payment page.
  3. No any adsense payment is holding mode.
  4. A bank branch or bank must be Indian. Means your bank branch have unique IFSC(India n Financial System) code.
  5. Currency charges might be automatically applied by the bank.

  • How to find IFSC code: Find here
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What details I have to submit in google adsense?

  1. Bank account number.
  2. Bank account name same as google adsense account’s payee name.
  3. SWIFT code(inquiry in your bank)
  4. IFSC code(it should be printed on your check book or pass book also)

How much time will take to transfer using EFT or online transaction?

It will take two to three day after applied new request to transfer directly in your bank.

Set up to get adsense income or payment through the EFT or online banking

Go with Google adsense account and move payment setting option under the Payments. Now you can see payment option with Pay by check and EFT beta. Select “Wire transfer” to submit all the details relevant to your bank account details which are declared in above point. So be care full don’t share this with others or fill up accurate with double verified.
See in below screen:
Google adsesne Wire transfer submission form and Details
Google adsesne Wire transfer submission form and Details
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