Saturday, January 25, 2014

Create Scanned Photo And Signature Without Scanner Or Other Device?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Many of the online registration now online in that you have to submit relevant document with scanned copy. But without scanner you can’t do. But this will be possible and successfully upload in your online application. Most of the mobile in low configuration gives camera option

Under the camera option you will find the document option to take a picture of any document. This picture must be in higher resolution as compare to normal camera picture capture option.

Useful: Re-size passport size photo and signature without software offline

How to choose document option in camera,

I am sure any android mobile gives this option. You have not that you can use temporary any one your friends, family.
Start your camera, now you can see list of camera options, one of them is scenes, select document option under the scenes.
After selecting document option, you can take any document picture, passport size photo, Signature on high resolution.

Make Ready from scanned copy of photo and signature

Import this picture in to computer or laptop hard drive. Now you have to prepare this scanned copy in to correct format.
Open your imported picture from computer. And open with paint by right clicking on that scanned picture. Crop necessary part from this picture and cut that part.

How to crop Scanned photo
How to crop Scanned photo

How to crop Scanned photo
How to crop Scanned photo

And past in new paint window save it for resize.

Resize that photo signature in to correct format: Pixel size and KB

In these steps you don’t need any software and internet connection. Step by step guide to resize (Pixel and KB) photo and signature click here

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