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I Didn’t Receive Adsense Verification Pin On My Address.- Alternative Methods. How To Get Adsense Verification Pin?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
If you are worry about your payment is on hold for the address variation using adsense PIN. If you are finding the answer of these are questions “How much time will take to receive Personal Identification number (PIN)”,”I am not receive PIN number from google adsense”,”I don’t receive pin number after 2-4 weeks of time duration”. And your payment will get on your register address that might be your home or office.
Adsence PIN verification do not received. What to do
Absence PIN verification do not received. What to do

What is threshold? Pin verification available on threshold

Threshold amount is eligibility to get income at the minimum cost and it’s totally depends on your country region. You can check your threshold amount for all country from here.

If you have been received your pin verification an envelope from google adsense then enter with carefully if you have done more than 3 attempt than your account will be block.

Be patience – Google adsense gives other option to solve PIN verification problem from your account. But it will be valuable automatically in your account under the Home > on hold (Details) > Please enter your PIN.

On what which time you will not receive PIN number
You mention your State, City name or village name, Area name, and well known region with postal code. All the necessary address details must be mention for any adsense publisher.

After Long time: I do not receive Adsense verification pin number. What I DO?

Please go through the below steps carefully and be happy from adsense verification pin.
1. Open you google adsense account.
2. Click on payment option under from the side bar
3. Otherwise Click link on “Please Enter your PIN”
4. You can also request for new pin number under this page after the 21 days (3 weeks).
5. You will get again new pin with new pin request on your address.
6. Otherwise you can verify manually using the other option that is available after the 21 days on the same page.
7. Click on that link, you can see another screen for address verification using the Publisher Id, name and other details fields. Enter the all the details with double check all the details.
8. But the most important for this is submit photo identification proof with scanned copy. That is also include name, Photo, Address.
9. Upload that scanned copy at a time and Submit successful to the google adsense team.
10. Now take a tea and rest 5 minute you must receive verification congratulation mail in your mail box.
11. Mow you never submit verification code to Google adsense in future.

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  1. only send one id proof or more than one proof. because my driving licence address is slightly different in compare to my bank passbook. so what to do ? attach only driving licence or bank passbook and driving licence both attach.

    1. Dear vishal..

      In your case you have to send only your driving licence...

      other wise, Perfect photo id proof apart from driving licence.

      Thanks for asking question..