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High Paying CPC Ad In Google Adsense Ads | Maximum CPC Paying Adsense Ads For All Time

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Friends you will not be aware about “How to get High CPC cost AdSense score in Google AdSense account”, “Get Maximum paying AdSense Ads in website and Blog”,” How to increase earning using CPC in google adsense”.
Higher CPC adsense ads - CPC cost
Higher CPC AdSense ads - CPC cost

Using this techniques your can earn big income at the end of month cause Google AdSense create your earning by multiplying number of clicks multiply by the CPC(Cost per click). So finally you have to increase CPC by using the Maximum paying keyword AdSense ads on your blog or website.

Video Tutorial for Find High CPC ads on Your Blog and Website

You can find the high paying keyword related your post. I will give short example for to better understand.
Suppose you are writing about “Best ISP (Internet service provider)”. Than you can also use the related keyword that’s used in search engine also have high CPC (Cost per click). The Whole procedure understated in above video tutorial or you can also refer below links in step by step full guide with screen shoot.
How to find higher paying keyword tools by Google in free?
Find the most popular search terms in Google and other search engine?

I will try to shortlisted top 30 keyword which contain high paying keyword (CPC) cost in Google AdSense in below.
1. Domain name yahoo $79.81
2. Dc hair laser removal washington $68.91
3. Law lemon wisconsin $66.15
4. Hair removal washington dc $51.14
5. Domain registration yahoo $41.97
6. Benchmark lending $40.36
7. Domain yahoo $38.05
8. Yahoo web hosting $37.86
9. Hair laser removal virginia $37.29
10. Peritoneal mesothelioma $36.59
11. Ca lemon law $36.55
12. Best buy gift card $34.13
13. Adverse credit remortgage $31.10
14. Mesothelioma information $30.98
15. Law lemon ohio $29.77
16. Att call conference $29.34
17. Insurance medical temporary $29.10
18. Illinois law lemon $28.95
19. Mesothelioma symptoms $28.78
20. Angeles drug los rehab $28.51
21. Personal injury solicitor $28.26
22. Att go $28.23
23. Accident car florida lawyer $28.03
24. Google affiliate $27.11
25. At t wireless $27.11
26. 100 home equity loan $26.31
27. Mcsa boot camp $26.28
28. Anti spam appliance $26.19
29. Adverse remortgage $26.17
30. Chicago hair laser removal $26.00

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