Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Tips : Save Battery Life In Iphone, Ipad and Ibook

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Apple’s new Iphone not much soothe to save in battery life apart from the old released Iphone versions.
So here are some awesome tips and trick to save your Iphone battery life with handy usage. Now IOS7 come up with new adding features that’s make more comfort to save your Iphone battery life easily.

save battery life in iphone

Most of the smart phones consume battery in surfing, downloading and backend internal process. Most of the process is not necessary. But we can manage all the backend services through the manually process.
Below some major point: which is helps your battery life more suitable for you.

Stop to update background apps

Most of the online apps always connect with the internet at that moment power waste is more than the other process. if we can stop this update when it is not in use that means it is in ideal mode. We can save setting for all the apps “When it’s not used then stop update”. You can do from here:
Go: Setting > General > Background App Refresh.
Its means it will not update they aren’t in use.

Always turn on Airdrop whenever we use

AirDrop available in selected model of apple Iphone. AirDrop available in Iphone 5C, 5S and 5 only. Airdrop mostly used in sharing file and photo with friends and device. So it will take upload and download process. At the moment battery wastage is more.

Stop the Geographic location finder

IOS7 gives functionality to update your geographic location whenever you are moving from one place to another. If we can stop this automatic process then it will be help to save our battery life.
To stop this service: Go through > Settings > Privacy > Location Service > System service >Frequent location service (Switch OFF)

Turn Off Parallax motion user interface

If you have to set moving wallpaper on your screen then you have to set static wallpaper to save mobile battery. It will catch-up all the moment of your hand and pointer as a backend process.
To stop this: Go > Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion

Turn off auto brightness, Set brightness manually own your self

For any smart phone we have to set brightness on own requirement. More brightness will make your mobile not good looking. At the first time it should be set on auto brightness and it may be on 100% brightness. It will helpful In sun light but apart from this we have to set it in normal mode to save Iphone battery life. Normally brightness should be on 25%.

Turn on wifi when we need.

If you are not surfing internet then put it in off mode. And the reason behind it is wifi devise always find the network when it is in turn on mode.

Put it in vibration mode when in silent mode

In Smartphone vibration is done with spinning a motor inside the device. it will take more power to rotate. Vibrate also take your battery life as far as your phone life also.

Disable data connectivity: 3G or 4G connectivity

High rate data transfer takes more power as compare to 2G or 3G connection. To stop this go..
Settings > Cellular> Enable 4G Button.

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