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How to increase visitors on website and blog, Wordpress using powerful blogging tips and tricks

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
If you want to become a successful blogging life with meaningful journey then you must be follow the blogging tips and tricks which is very useful for bigger and intermediate blogger.
Now a day’s thousands of blogger should follow the below subject and making your blog meaning full readable and SEO friendly with highlighted below points also. 
Make more powerful website and blog

Choose correct stage for bogging

If you want to make powerful blog then deciding a best blogging stage is more constructive for your blogging success.
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Make deep understanding sequence point

More over blogger always write a short article to set the target to write article in a day or week but it’s totally wrong direction to get success in your life of blogging.
All the article should be understand with screen shot or short video film make topic more valuable commanding.

Always write article in sequential basis

If you are covering topics like Wordpress, Computer, Hosting, How to guide, and internet on your blog then in single point make it suitable for reader in sequential structure.
Ex. If you are writing article about wordpress then you have to give understanding flow looks like “Basic of wordpress”, “Wordpress Design”, “Installation”, “Modification”, “Hosting” , “How to post article”, “Publishing”, “How ménage post”, “How to make more SEO friendly”, “How to earn in blog” ect..

Don’t attract readers with ford account

If you are believe in blog promotion then promotion make your blog using the social media like facebook, Google+, twitter own account but don’t west time with promoting feck account because you will never get idea about actual value, and readers of the blog.

Go forward with your work only

If you archive victory at the preliminary stage of blogging then you must have concentrate barely in blogging. You have to leave old way of life like chatting, west of time in different co activity and at the and you have to do full time blogging job to archive more success.

Always make public response and maintain it

At the intermediate satge you will get more request and follower number in facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social media sites. At that time you have to update it always with short tweet, Event and comment also. That’s should helps in future to archive more readers day by day.

Write your experience thought

Unknown people always searching blog’s owner activity on web. Using this type of posting make familiar with blogger’s personal life and create good relationship with thousands of people at once.

Note some helpful links / Sites

Now days millions of website available on web. And you must develop good surfing techniques on experience basis then you will get useful stuff and technique on different subjects and topic in your routine life. Then keep it in safe place or bookmark it in your browser. Using this you might publish unknown technical tips and tricks.

Do job on single topic always

Blogging on single point : more success..success.. and the reason is that you are always fine only one topics and finally you will develop mastery in that fields like SEO, Wordpress, Tips and Tricks, Hacking ect..

Put your comment in below comment box with question ring

After publishing a post in your website you can ask question as a quiz to know readers enthusiasm about this article and related topics. Commenting make a logical relationship to the readers and visitors.

Give some interesting example – possible with image

Some time single text or word make readers more trouble in understand at that time you may be lose your visitors. So keep this word with short example using figure or animated picture.

Learn new about SEO – because SEO always helps to blogger

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) works on so many criteria like beck link, Social media, Page rank, Alexa rank ect. so to get more number in SEO then every blogger must be read always some awesome how to seo guide.
And the next should be implementation of SEO techniques effectively and wait for result in impress of visitors and your blog or website on search engine visibility.

Always try to write your own article

Best blogger always consolidate your work with own writing article and guest post acceptance only through the predefined terms and conditions.
If you have any suggestion in your mind then put it in below comment as valuable commentator.

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