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Things to do before applying for google adsense: Preventing steps

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Are you only interest in Google adesense?  : Then follow the steps before applying in Google adsense

 Google adsense: one of the best earning ways with no limitation. Google helps to the writer to earn money through the google adsense program. So I do some help to my friends who are interesting in earning some dollars online. Doesn’t mind but the most of the friends apply for earning money through the more posting in days with loosing quality content? But on the other side Google approved adsense account that has good quality content, Google page rank, and Alexa rank also.


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Some of the preventing methods and strategy for applying google adsense to be follow in the below list.

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Thing to follow before applying for google adsense

1. Use High paying google keyword

If you are professional content writer and blogger than you must use google ad word tools to find the high paying keyword and Search keyword.
always write unique article for adsense

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The reason behind the use of google adword is that google adsense put ads your blog in content keyword use in post. Finally you will get more income through the ads and Search term in google search engine.

2. Privacy page
Privacy page describe all the things to visitors about you and your blogging techniques and methods. You can save yourself from the copyright issues. If your site contains copyright material then google adsense doesn’t approved your account in ads network. For that you must check your site link through the tips in below link.
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In this page your can also put your copyright tag after registering your URL in For more check above link.

3. About Us page

About Us page become your blog better with more powerful relationship with the readers and visitors. If you are saying about yourself with huge thing then you can display on this page. In favor of google adsense can check your ownership and find the exact owner easily. So your blog shell not to add in spam list of for google adsense approval. Finally about Us page make more income in future through the google adsense.

4. Verify your age

Some of the time google exclude from google adsense cause of under 18 years old. At first time google adsense check your account through the age verification technique. If you are under 18 old then google adsense get repost on age problem.

5. Name and Email verification

Your name must be available in each and every post. So google adsense check your owner ship with name and Email successfully.
Please make sure with age count through the double check in your about us page.

6. Remove google adsense alternatives affiliates

If you are trying other affiliates apart from the google adsense then make sure from your side. It must be removed completely before applying google adsense otherwise google robot checks your code. If any other network code found then your page URL listed in spam group.
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7. Design

Google adsense always love Sharp and Easy to read design. Some of the ready templates create errors at time of searching quality link. More over if you are using blogger templates then its best way to solve problem of Design issues.

8. Host on top level domain

Host on personal Domain
Your blog is hosted on blogspot domain then my personal suggestion twards easy approval in google adsense is that plase spent some money 250 to 300 ($5 to $6) to purchase custom top level domain. Your helping link to buy and setup with your blog using domain.
How to setup your BlogSpot to godaddy account?: Step by Step guide
Now a day number of top domain available but you must use some basic strategy to buy domain: Helpful tips : How to choose best website domain?

9. Domain age

Regional area also consider in approving process of google adsense.
Domain age must be more than 6 month old. If you are belonging from India and some other Europe country that google adsense approve after your blog or URL age minimum 6 months old. And for the US country it should be 3 months.


Read and make your blog more powerful and follow the all terms and condition. It’s one time approval. If your account will be rejected then possibility to recover is hard task for newbie.
Before applying on google adsense your must read some point from its official sites from hear
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