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List of web hosting techniques: How to host my own website

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Webhosting is starting stage for any new web builder and web site master. Now you can search webhosting site with different method but you can’t choose which method for me. The reason is that different website architecture and building method collaborate with different webhosting technique. If you are professional web designer and some level of coding knowledge then you can understand batter but don’t afraid to this. Cause I explain for all technical and none technical web master in below.

List of different webhosting stage

1. Wordpress

Worpress hosting

Wordpress is one of the largest blog communities on web to create a professional blog and website in easy steps. Using the wordpress you can create a more than one blog and website for your business and personal identity on web. Wordpress gives up to 3GB of data storage on wordpress service as a free hosting.
For batter hosting and give boost your target visitors you can also host your website on bluehost.
How can host my website from wordpress to bluehost?
Why we chose wordpress as a website?
  • - More than one website manage at one place
  • - Easy to configure
  • - Easy to upgrade
  • - Data Storage enhancement
  • - Always Good look and feel template
  • - Customize ready template into your requirement
  • - Easy to load on low speed internet
  • - Earn through best ad network – google adsense
You can get state direction to host your site on wordpress from here
Top free website create side apart from blogging and Wordpress

2. Weebly

Weebly for to create a website
Weebly gives idea about create attractive website in easy steps. Weebly gives option to create website using social media the other way like facebook and twitter.

You can register yourself for new registration using facebook and state registration process.

In a day, Weebly join thousands of users in day through its fabulous formula for to create a website and automated webhosting.

3. Google site

Google site for web hosting
Google give opportunity to professional to create a website through the Gmail login in free. Google give your site registration under the main root folder at google server.
You can get your site in google from : here

4. Other webhosting

- Host your site on hosting companies
- Host your site in local server

Host website in hosting companies

You can find the webhosting companies from the google search engine. For that you have to find the search term like “free web hosting service” in google search page.
Mainly webhosting company host your site on free hosting or pro hosing.
In free hosting web space and bandwidth always in limit. And to enjoy free service you should to follow the free hosting terms and condition like ad serving on your site, free for short of time, ect.

Host your site in local server

Your computer can work as a local server, for that you have to follow the below steps.

1. You can find you IP through the CMD. To open CMD go start > Type ‘Run’ >
Run window,

2. Type CMD in run window.
3. Now you can find the black screen in your window.
4. Type “ipconfig/all” without quotes in CMD
5. Note all the thing like IP address, Subnet mask, default getaways and DNS server.
6. You can see the below screen after “Open network connection” folder.
7. Right click on “Wireless connection network”. And just go with below screens step by steps.

For more about web hosting technique and other stuff. stay touch with us!!

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