Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to make blog post attractive with Idea and writing skill

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Writing skill is the best for blogger because google search engine and visitors always visit the best article with ordinary writing skill. So you have to remember some of the basic points in each and every posting and writing. You have to make unique strategy in writing a post with good starting and ending of the post including all point covered.

Get writing effective
Get writing effective

How to readers make your own?

Each reader is not coming directly in your site and blog. Each end every visitor can be visit number of different site with same topic from the search engine.
So which is the good and which is the best decision make own by visitors.
If your post has good explanation and reference example and links to under table any types of visitors in the category of technical or non technically.
Don’t use long paragraph. Divide into sequence with new paragraph in including the different font look. For the newbie can use colour combination and bold, italic style also.

Follow the Three step of post :

Introduction paragraph in deep :

fist impressive step for all the post must be attractive for any visitors. Cause of any of the visitors can read some of the starting points that’s to be covered in your post. But obvious google search engine also recommend the starting post and title of the post with match.
Search robot also works fine using this technique and strategy.
On of the best things is that’s its also helps to increase SEO page ranking
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Explanation Stories and Brief description :

Second stage in writing the best article or post is the ways to explain your topic and difficulties with good pasteurization and video screen also.
You can use YouTube video in between your post according to your post title:
Best way to approve your adsense account in easy way.

Use the quote and create your own funny moment. Than you can also create debates for visitors review. For that you have to ask question using comment box also.

Give the final result in short of speech

Last impression is also first impression, some of the time most of the reader only read last step. And take decision that’s how much useful this technique for me.


Skill to improve from others is the best way to get successful experience in your blogging life. Using this technique you get good punch with highly jump from your learning stage.


Simplicity of language and explanation get best feedback technically. Don’t use hard language. You can also write effective post with low speech. But write in effective manner.

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