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Best apps for ipad | Exclusive ipad apps free for download

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

Best apps for ipad | Exclusive ipad apps free for download

This article helps to find the best apps for Ipad from apple app store regarding your choice. Now apple store share millions of the apps in different category so people have to no worry to buy from the other site. Here we are listing best apps in category wise that’s helps to find easy way. Like Writing Apps for Ipad, Business apps for Ipad, Office apps for Ipad, Deleting apps from Ipad.

In below I am listing 20+ ipad apps to download from app store in easy way. That’s make your life more smooth and easier.

Best Ipad aoos from app store

1. Common best ipad apps for all

My library helps, If you are finding eBook for any type like media, history, Movies and if you are finding to buy borrowed apps from other.
Price : $3.99
This apps known for its reminder, that’s means if you are borrowed books and you should not return before due date, then this apps make alert to submit the book before due date.
Price : $2.99
If you are finding the apps for buying free or pro ebook then this one is the best apps for you. Cause of these apps contained 50 000 superb e book in search result.
IResearch helps to find the best physics article regarding different subject and millions of related article from its directory. IResearch shared by the American institute of Physics.
Same related apps in queue display below:

2. Business apps for IPad / Office apps for Ipad

Mostly Ipad use for presentation in business purpose so if your presentation do powerful by selected best apps. That’s make your presentation more light and extraordinary.
Ipad apps keynote
Ipad apps keynote

Keynot is the most powerful apps only for presentation. That’s make more powerful with handy functionality and easy to access. These apps mainly made for mobile users. But you can also use in your Ipad in easy way.
Price : $9.99
Using this You can make all presentation slide and editing at a time using different tools.
Page & Document
If you are share your business with soft copy of page and document then supported best apps for business apps for ipad
Best Ipad apps Pages

Pages is one of the most essential apps for to read or display your document in easy way. Pages are most familiar in crowd cause of its functionality and gorgeous look.
Price: $4.99
Drop box

Dropbox is the most powerful apps for to share file and synchronize with all other file with store on web.
Price : Free

3. Best apps for writer

Best Ipad apps Pages

Ipad apps - pages

Pages helps to prepare your article, resume, Story, and poster and other different types of document in easy way. You can make more powerful with different built in font style and theme and much more.
Price : ($4.99)
Best ipad apps My Writing Desk for iPad_

My writing Desk for ipod is one of the best apps for to write huge story in single article without any character or pages limitation. So a writer has no worry about any limitation.
My writing desk is very fine-looking design with extra functionality of automatic spell checker and automatic save on time duration, many number of different font styles.
You can get all features at in single apps.
Price : ($4.99)
List of different same types of apps:

If you are finding more apps and rumor in this queue please stay touch by using below comment.


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