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How to block unknown friend request in facebook

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
facebook give the users privacy to protect nuisance from unknown people in the form of sent request time to time. Most of the users are attacking on your account through fake account and send request to become a friend any of the person who is in or out of circle.

Stop facebook friend request with block
The unknown friend request is the violence again facebook terms and service.

Why we have to stop friend request?

Some of the users have a fake account also so, this kind of people have to more fun to create a relationship with the unknown friend.

Second reason is that some of the users are become a popularity using this group, so at the end of the result users can add friends in his/her friend directly in group.

Now a days facebook deleting this types account in each days. Millions of the account blocked by facebook in past week. Cause is that its violence agin the facebook terms and conditions.

Once your account has been blocked : facebook gives best option at the login time to select your right friends and it will works fine. If you are failing in this process then you have to wait for two are three days. Again you have to complete the option to select your friends with the name.

How to block friend request in my account by unknown – Step by Step guide

Solution 1

Step 1

Please find the privacy setting(lock icon on top ribbon) and side of the home option. Tap that’s icon and you will get in third option “how do I stop someone from bothering me?”
Than your screen will be look like in below screens.
Step 1, Select Top privacy option

Step 2

Enter your unknown friend request or email address in text box and hit the block button.
Step 2, Enter email or name as block user

Step 3

You can also see all the block users in list with tapping “View all Blocked users”.
You can unblock with the unblock option in front of the name of the friend.
Step 3, Unblock the block users from the list of blocked users

Solution 2

All time solution : its latest features by facebook
You can set option for friend request : people can send only who are friends of friends,
You can set from the below option , see the screen
Step 1, to stop friend request pevently

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