Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to get combine more email at once : Gmail + Outlook + yahoo

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
This post helps to find out your mail from different services like Outlook, yahoo and Gmail account in one place.

Why we do? Outlook mail + Yahoo mail + Gmail mail

Most of the users and professional have more than one account with different email id from separate mail partner like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.
Now problem is then, senders don’t mind on which email id sender is sending. But on the other hand receiver can retrieve all the mail at once from different account.
Using this technique you can also send mail with different id with less effort with one account.

Step by Step guide for to send OR receive mail from different account.

If you have a gmail account then you can do this.
Step : 1
  • Login your Gmail account > Setting > Select “Account” from top tab
See below picture :

Step : 2
In below picture register user id is jaysukh.pharma@gmail.com, Now we collaborating more one email id from using Gmail account.
  • Hit the add another email address your own.
Gmail guide - Easy mail
  • Now, you can see the another window on your screen. Text box to add another email option.
Gmail guide - Easy mail
  • Select send though Gmail option and hit the next step.
Gmail guide - Easy mail
  • Successful screen now finally on your screen. now you can complete vitrification process from reference email id.
Gmail guide - Easy mail
Step : 3
  • To get access with sending mail from different email from below screens. Now I see my already combined two emails in my gmail account.
Gmail guide - Easy mail
if you have any problem to implement for your own please give me chance to help with commenting in below comment box. I am glade help to you.
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