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Best apps for to find stolen android phone in free – lost mobile track

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Lost android phone – anyone find your mobile. Now it’s possible in easy way using google apps in android. Google enhance public security with toward mobile lost condition.

List of free apps available in market you can use it using preinstall before you lost it – not follow with you by god, but users always remember that “Prevention is batter then cure”. I also android users and I installed it works fine with easy operate.

Using these apps you can find your mobile with GPS system with geographic location. This article helps to find out your android phone in any company like HTC, Sony, and Samsung and so on.
In this article writing by me behind in a reason, before some of the days my friends mobile stolen in cinema. We had to do may tried to find it. Then we missed it for all time. So friends don’t ignore this article and implement it in your mobile and your friends also.

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So, I have to tried best apps to find or track your mobile in easy way with easy operated android apps. In below I will try to some basic and extra features in particular app with screen shots. All the links are safe and ready to use so don’t be afraid cause its official apps from its own site.

1.Lookout Mobile Security

lookout helps to keep safe your mobile safe and secure. Downloaded count for this apps reach to 30 millions in world wide. And it will be sharply increase in day by day.
If you are finding the apps for track my mobile. Then lookout is the best apps for you.
  • Find you mobile with geographic location
  • Louder alert set in mobile when your phone near to you.
  • On long distance lookout use GPS system, in any condition. Your GPS works fine If your GPS is set to off.
  • To find your mobile you have logged in from any other phone, and Computer also.

2.Plan B :

Second app in series to find the best apps to tack and find lost mobile. Plan B gives option only for to track your mobile in easy way apart from the Lookout.
You have to remember below three points which is display below.

  • Plan B give you a alert through the Gmail account with current location map.
See in below screen
Plan B - Steps

3.Wheres My Droid :

Third “Find and Track android phone app” is the Wheres My droid. With list of extra features. Find your phone with ringing and vibration also.

  • No one can uninstall these apps from your mobile without protected password.
  • This app also use GPS technology in any mode.
See the below image :
Wheres - Find my mobile
Wheres - Find my mobile

4.Android Lost

Android give a message to find it any condition like “without internet in your mobile”.
  • Android lost use the second option to give alert message. Its also works when your phone in lock and erace all the data from the mobile and SD card also.

I thing for my personal point of view Android lost is the best apps for all users.
See below screens:

Android Lost
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