Monday, March 25, 2013

How to setup my go daddy domain with blogger with schreen shots

Posted by Jaysukh Patel

I am happy with my best experience with go daddy. You can also!

Go to the go daddy account on first day and the second day morning (within 2 hrs).         I have a blogger on my domain name.

Steps 1
Just go on go daddy to purchase a domain with online registration from more option are given there.

Steps 2
Login with your password and go on your domain name which is given in below screen shots.

After clicking on “my account“ tab on upper right corner tab.

You can visit your service available in your account. And enjoy it.

Now just I am talking about domain configuration with you blog or site. 

Steps 3
After clicking on domain configuration button you can visit much more details but don’t afraid of them. 

You must have to jump directly on DNS manager table.

Click on the link of the “launch” (Blue link) link in below the DNS manager.

Now you have to put below details without any options for yours.

Fist sequence is the A(Host) – it’s for hosting address that’s you want to host your site or blog. For blogger hosting address has four different.

Points to






 Put all information very clearly in your account.

Then save you setting with save button. You got message as response from godaddy. Below changes made within 24 to 48 hrs – but ignore it.

Go next steps :

Before go on below image you have login you blogger account.

Go > Settings > Basic

Under the publishing with you blogger domain just put with Go daddy domain with advance settings option in “publishing”.

Follow the below images
Godaddy domain with Blogger
You have to find the two error in 2 row.

First one is something like this (and common for all blog)
1.      www             |     | 1 hours

 First one is something like this (not common for all blog)
2.      xkpoer6rdutq | | 1 hours

Second one you have to copy past from your blogger account for yours. 

Godaddy configuration

Save your settings and put your domain in your blog account.

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