Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to create beck link and also increase page rank as soon as create traffic on blog or site

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
In this article you can understand for best way to increase traffic with beck link for your blog or site.

On the web visitors are coming in two ways
1.      Directly from the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing...ect
2.      Indirectly – from the other sites as a reference

How to display my photo on Google search engine with my blog: 

Actual meaning of becklink
Suppose you are posting your post or articles title on face book and tweeter, my space(All are social networking sites) which you want to share with you daily readers and visitor which are find that and you have to guide by this post.
And the visitors hit the link on your post now visitors are moving from the social networking site to you blog or site.

So you have to create physical path in search engine you get more readers and the traffic.
If you not done this job then you can’t create beck link in future.
In simple way you have to reach directly or indirectly to the readers.

Way to create a bscklinks
1.     Post comment on other blog (With extra knowledgeable content)
2.     Directory listing

1.     Post comment on your blog :  
You are seeing number post with direct link in comment (Below the post). Reason is that to create a beck link for your site on web server.

You can put your link with anchor tang in comment box for good looking post in place of directly pest your post URL which are related to this post.

You have to do :
<a href=”link of your site or blog which started with ‘Https://’”>Title of your post, you want to share</a>

Don’t have to Do: past your link directly in post like,

2.     Directory listing (You can get through simple registration of you blog or site)
Thousand of sites are available for directory listing below (Most affective and popular)

How to check number of back link for my site or blogger.
Now, Numbers of online sites is waiting to check your beck link at a time.

Alexa give the perfect number of backlinks at any of the time without updating your site, not change in code, without any extra efforts.

This article about increase SEO rank for better traffic as soon possible in short of time.

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its also reflect with the page rank arealexa rank also.


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