Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How can display my profile photo with your site in google search engine page

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
Today I am discussing on “how to display your profile photo with your website in search engine”. Google provide best facility to know the blog from the owner profile photo of the blog, that’s display with your blog and website. And also its easiest way to search your blog from the others it has same name of domain of your.

Suppose you are finding on Google search engine. And you are typing kowledgekites, if you should be find two same name of blog but different domain.

Once have .com and the other have .org which is original site which you are finding.

That’s You can solve with this solution as a visitor. 

But I have seen profile picture of the blog’s owner. That I can easy justify when we go first and I can find it’s easy technique.

 it should be best impression from the visitor’s side. You can also put your full description on your blog with current profile picture.

The best side effect of this job is that you can elaborate your publicity on web. Your site known through your profile picture.

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How to customize with your blog? Step by Step guide

How can put my profile photo with Google search engine page”

1.      You have own google plus profile page URL
2.      You have to put “My profile description in your home page” Or you can also put in Different page.
3.      Put your name (with link) in description.
-          To put link, go Layout of your blog
-          Select Add a widget
-          Choose “Configure Text” widget
-          Put yourself with full description (Your full name same as google plus profile page).
-          After all, you can crate profile widget with photo.

Your profile widget Look should be on your blog like in below picture.

1.      Give  <a href="google pluse page YRL" rel="author">Owner’s name </a>

Google plus URL something like this: 21degits number

2.      Go on “Web master tools” for verify your owner ship and follow the all procedure given by tools.

3.      Google provide Webmaster tool free for all bloggers and webmaster to analyze and promote your blog to a search engine.

4.       Go on , enter your register email id which have been register your blog domain name. (For more see below picture)


Submit your details than you have to put your recent photo to display in browsing.

5.      Enter your site URL ( and hit on preview button.

You can see verified button in bottom page.Enjoy! Best of luck

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