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Google Glass one best innovation in technology by Google with Best specification and Price at all.

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Each and every year Google give innovative idea to the technology over the world.

Now at a moment I am posting news for latest technology in Glass. Called Google glass, name behind the reason is that it’s launch by google.

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Google Glass
So users which are waiting for that dead line to launch this project come up in at the end of 2013.

Before we have to purchase this product we have to all the knowledge and all specification of devise that we have to purchase shortly.

We are enjoying and extremely happy to share story of Google glass.

First of all we have to know price of the
Basic price in INR 40 000 to 50 000 and in US price $1500

Weight : 36 grams

Google magic glass is that provide user friendly 3G connectivity. To connect your friend and social media sites to share the photos and video capture by user. That store in internal memory of Google glass.

Users can also searching from the web and getting direction for move one place to another place.

Users can see installed software and useful app which in installed in glass. It would be accessible by touch and enjoy after open apps. That can possible without touching any hardware part and body of the google glass.

Users must be sent and read the emails. That’s in his/her email inbox.

Google glass has a power to kill the Smartphone usage. Now coming world is basically may be totally on google glass based on the power of glass.

Google glass also use for kids to elders because of any one can enjoying game from the gaming zone in glass and also entertain to listen the music online and offline features.

Expected specification of Google glass
-          Visualization effect in 3D, user can enjoy with the live performing with extra feel.
-          Touch pad to access and control
-          Varity of sensor (Gyroscope, Accelerometer, And Magnetometer )
-          Speaker to listen
-          Eye controller to control (10 X 8 mm)

Network connectivity
-          Bluetooth version 4.0
-          Wi-Fi : 802.11

-          Rear : 3.2 mega pixel (2048 x 1536 p resolution)
-          Video recording up to 1080p (HD)

-          Brightness >1 000 FLT
-          Transparence >78%

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