Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why a window 8 is the best OS than the others with Best features? How?

Posted by Jaysukh Patel
1. Starts menu

After clicked On starts button, we can access multiple instated applications, browser and window apps with effective large icons so, user can easily find out program.
Best search button place at top of the pop up, for searching document, applications and pictures.

We can also access
1. Program features – we can see installed program in our system
2. Power option – Power saving time satting
3. Event viewer
4. System – processor and hard disk size
5. Devise manager – External Devise installed or not?
6. Disk management – Manage my disk
7. Computer management
8. Command prompt – System can access through command in command prompt
9. Command prompt – Run as administrator – We can access all by command prompt
10. Task manager – We can stop program that are running. Or also check CPU usage.
11. Control panel – Handled through
12. File Explorer
13. Search – Directly search in system
14. Run
15. Desktop – use desktop Apps and icon that are currently on our system screen

2.Easy Data backup

Some of the time our system is crash or not running properly cause of one or more system file from hard drive is missed by harm virus attacks our system, at that time we can restore all data that can be missed.

File history option is the part of the Backup, so it’s helpful when we put file history is in on mode.

So we should do for recovery of system when we in trouble.

3.Apps synchronization

Some of the time we can’t access two or more apps at one time. Without hiding any option of start menu strip bar(see picture below).

4.synchronizes with other system

You can share your system easily with other remotely without sharing password between this two.

5.Easy refresh your system with old installation

Whole refreshing process is very easy in completing in few seconds.

Windows 8 provide refresh page with reinstallation without any damage your file and user use this option when serious problem are occurred cause of virus and spyware.


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